7 Safety Tips for Riding with Kids

7 Safety Tips for Riding with Kids

When riding a bicycle with children, the biggest concern is how to ensure their safety. Although we cannot guarantee 100% safety when riding a bicycle (just like driving a vehicle, there is no way to ensure 100% safety), we can take some measures to improve the safety.

1. Equipment that children need to wear when riding
When children start to get in touch with bicycles, their bodies will inevitably be a little uncoordinated in terms of coordination and balance. It is easy to crash during riding, so it is very necessary for children to wear helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and other protective gear before riding. After wearing the protective gear, the chance of being injured during riding will be greatly reduced. At the same time, with the protection of the protective gear, children can also devote themselves to the sport of cycling and enjoy the fun.

2. Selection of riding environment
For children who are new to cycling, it is best to choose to practice in squares, parks, cycling green ways or fully enclosed communities without motor vehicles. The practice place should be flat and spacious, away from complex road conditions and busy roads.

3. Obey the traffic rules
Explain to children the traffic rules of bicycles on the road, the traffic light system that needs to be paid attention to when passing the road, the need to gesture and slow down before turning, make sure that motor vehicle drivers know your intentions, and educate children to abide by traffic rules and set up a good role model.

4. Install passive reflective devices
When biking in the early morning or late evening (even if it's not completely dark), be sure to install bike reflectors and front/rear warning lights on your child's bike. Good lighting can improve visibility and draw the attention of motorists.

5. Always carry a tool bag 
When you're out riding the bike, you should always keep a tool bag with you in case you need an air pump, a tire repair tool and other necessary gears.

6. Don’t stay too far away from your children
It is difficult for children under the age of 10 to judge the speed of vehicles. Parents walking beside them can reduce the risk of them deviating from the direction and passing through the intersection during the ride.
Little children can practice in relatively closed places first, and ride on the road when they are ready.

7. Make sure the bike is in good working condition
There is nothing more dangerous than riding a bicycle that has not been maintained. Insufficient tire pressure or brake failure can easily lead to accidents. It is best to take some time to check the condition of the bike before riding or send it to a professional bicycle shop for regular maintenance.


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