Cherish the moment

Father-kid riding


Junior DS Leader



When our kids watched the other professional riders flying with the professional dual suspension bike, we saw their dreams.

Big dream, start from tiny rock.

TINY ROCK means strong and stable, meanwhile it is only for Junior.

In the whole world, nobody really cares about the junior with professional bike, but we do care. We hope our kids can ride the professional bike same as us.

We produce reliable bikes that are safe, enjoyable, fast and fun to ride for our next generation. TINY ROCK has over 5 technical patents to support the brand. Also, We will create more patents and will be available in the market soon.

We love our kids, we would like to share all our fun and enjoyment with them. We hope to tell the parents, the most important thing is to stay with their children.

We love our customers, so please feel free to contact us.