5 Tips for Mountain Bike Beginners

5 Tips for Mountain Bike Beginners


Before taking on any mountain trail, be well prepared, check that your bike is in good condition, design your route and prepare for everything.
1. Start with some easy and flat mountain roads
  It is recommended for beginners to try a short trip first, preferably with experienced riders who are familiar with road conditions, mainly on flat and less drop-off road conditions.

2. Get your cycling necessities ready
  Even if you ride a short distance, you need to prepare necessities in advance. Common necessities include inner tubes, inflator, portable tools, tire repair tools, etc.
  Make these preparations in case of mechanical failure in the field, you will be able to cope with it, at least not be helpless. In addition to portable tools, water, food, a small amount of cash and a mobile phone can be prepared depending on the distance. In addition, you should wear a helmet and protective gear every time you ride, which will play a good protective role in riding and minimize the damage caused by accidents.

3. Ride with friends
  Looking for small partners who also love cycling, everyone on the road will share wonderful moments and ideas about riding with each other. Trying to avoid riding alone outdoors can also ensure your own safety, and in the event of an accident, everyone can help each other.

4. Choose a good route
  If you are new to mountain bikes, you are not very familiar with the sense of speed and direction. When riding, you must learn to look forward, about 4-5 meters in front of the riding direction. The faster the speed, the farther you will look. The bike will go where you look, don't look down and too close.
5. Explore new routes
  As a beginner, every ride is exciting, challenging and fun. However, as you become more skilled at riding, you should find some new routes when you are already familiar with the same routes. Mountain biking is also attractive for exploring new routes.

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